Below is my list of links to web sites of Organisations, Bassoonists, Manufacturers and Retailers.

Organisations The International Double Reed Society The British Double Reed Society The Australasian Double Reed Society


Bassoonists Biographies of all IDRS members. Milan Turkovic's web site. This web site of Barrick Stees of the Cleveland Orchestra has a huge amount of information about reed making and other aspects of bassoon playing.  : John Schroder's web site was one of the first made by a UK bassoonist. It's packed full of good stuff on reeds, fingerings etc etc.   Dag Jensen the astounding Norwegian virtuoso. New York based Frank Morelli's web site contains a Cyber Masterclass. Tom Hardy is a freelance bassoonist in London. Jonathan Burton is an amateur bassoonist in London. A useful resource with lots of advice on orchestral excerpts put together by Brett Van Gansbeke from Houston. William Short is Principal Bassoon at the Metropolitan Opera in Ney York and his website is full of helpful information and includes an interesting blog.

Manufacturers  Heckel's web site gives a useful description of the different types of crook that they manufacture as well as their full product range. There's also a good brief history of the development of the modern bassoon. Puchner bassoons and contras. Fox bassoons, contras and accessories. also has some useful information about Foxes. Schreiber bassoons and contras; includes clips from the video of their manufacturing processes.
10_woodwind/50_bassoons/index.html  Yamaha bassoons. UK manufacturer of baroque bassoons. Also on their site is a baroque bassoon fingering chart. Instruments made to order by Canadian bassoonist Ben Bell.

Retail :Howarth's web site which has a 'fun page' ( ) where you can find a link to a page about Ivor the Engine. The bassoon music for this children's television series was, I believe, (please correct me if I'm wrong) written by the late Vernon Elliott who was contra in the Philharmonia Orchestra in the days when it called itself the New Philharmonia and was a highly admired teacher. There's also a fine photo of David Buckland.
You'll also find some short sound bites demonstrating the mini bassoon and the tenoroon which are worth listening to if you're a teacher who has a small child as a prospective pupil. There is also a link to the official Hoffnung web site. Based in Hitchin, Herts, John Myatt's provides friendly, expert and efficient service for woodwind and brass players. The UK distributer for Fox and Renard bassoons plus many accessories. UK store and web site selling stuff for double reed players including reeds and cane.  Based in Newport, South Wales, selling new bassoons and also buying and selling second-hand bassoons, from beginner instruments to the finest quality Heckel bassoons and everything in-between. Also crooks and accessories. June Emerson has been the UK's leading specialist supplier of wind music for many years. Reed making machines and tools. Reed making machines and tools. Reed making machines and tools. Maarten Vonk the Dutch bassoonist repairman retailer and author of the book 'A Bundle of Joy'. Suppliers with a particularly wide range of double reed equipment.from New Hampshire (USA). Very helpful friendly and efficient.

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