Below is my list of links to General and Reed web sites. (Also 'Fingerings' and 'Technique')

General (bassoon related) The site where vacancies in orchestras are advertised. is about Lewis Hugh Cooper's theories on bassoon playing and teaching. This is an excellent site jam packed with serious stuff and should be carefully read by all serious bassoon students. [I am very sorry to report that Mr Cooper died in April (2007). I shall always treasure my copy of his massive tome 'The Essentials of Bassoon Technique' which he autographed for me many years ago when I attended a memorable lecture he gave]. Information about the book 'The Essentials of Bassoon Technique' by Cooper and Toplanski which is an enormous tome full of every imaginable fingering - a bit of a 'bible'. . Patricia Mitchell is principal oboe in the San Jose Opera and her extensive web site covers lots of stuff that is relevant to bassoonists. For example, their is a link to a good bassoon fingering chart( ). has a useful list of bassoonists in European orchestras (also oboists). Also there is a good entry covering orchestral etiquette ( A general web site with good stuff on practicing, a well illustrated page on reed making, a good fingering chart and much more. : A well informed and detailed page about Heckels including a long list of serial numbers including their histories - where they have been played and who has serviced them etc. : List of Heckel serial numbers and their dates of manufacture. : resources and information for bassoonists. Site for fans of the French Bassoon - in French of course.
for fans of the Dulcian (the precurser to the bassoon). for fans of the Baroque Bassoon. for all those strange beasts ranging from Sarrusophone via contrabassoon to Subcontrabass tuba in BBBflat. Very heavy-duty article on bassoon acoustics.  Manufacturers of seriously robust flight cases. Another manufacturer of seriously robust flight cases.



These are not reed manufacturers that I am recommending (although they may very well be fine) but sites that might be of interest to those of you who make your own reeds.
 A clear step by step set of instructions for reed making. . An article by James Kopp on reed making techniques.
/  has some extaordinarily detailed tables of figures of reed dimensions in different styles. Also plenty of tips on reed making. This is serious stuff. has detailed measurements of several different players' reeds.  advertises / sells a book called Dr Downing's Bassoonist's Reed Doctor which appears to be well illustrated but, I suspect, falls into the trap of rather simplistically saying 'scrape here to solve this problem'. But I haven't seen the book so I may be wrong. There other booklets in the series on technique, fingerings, reed making, studies etc. They are probably of most use for teachers to give to intermediate students. They seem to be good value though.



I've put links to on line fingering charts on a seperate Fingerings page.


Technique  includes circular breathing.

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